Members of the Ursinus community gather to remember victims of the Tree of Life shooting

Jenna Severa jesevera@ursinus.edu   On October 27, 2018, a man posted anti-Semitic messages about the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society on a social media website called untagged

Voter registration status causes issues for student voters on Election Day 2 – News Confusing process has students disgruntled

Kim Corona kicorona@ursinus.edu Last Tuesday, Ursinus students gathered to cast their votes at the Kaleidoscope for this year’s midterm elections. However, some faced difficulties when […]


Why Myrin is full of government documents They’re not top-secret, but UC’s library is home to lots of federal papers

Sophia DiBattista sodibattista@ursinus.edu   Myrin Library not only pro- vides us with books for research papers, but also receives and provides free access to federal unoratorical

What do UC political clubs think about the recent elections?

Sienna Coleman sicoleman@ursinus.edu   “The Grizzly” hopes that you went out to vote last Tuesday for the 2018 midterm elections! No matter who you voted 6195150187


We need to better recognize World War I veterans

William Wehrs wiwehrs@ursinus.edu On November 10, 2018, according to numerous media reports, President Donald Trump decided not to attend an event honoring World War I (570) 848-0146

Choosing classes needs to be less confusing

Sam Mamber samamber@ursinus.edu It’s November. Sweater weather has finally come to Collegeville. The leaves are falling faster. The sun is setting earlier. The squirrels are […]


Fall sports seniors complete final seasons

Shelsea Deravil shderavil@ursinus.edu The fall sports’ season is coming to an end. For many athletes it is just another one that will go by. But […]

Q&A with Mike Moronese

Tommy Garlick togarlick@ursinus.edu In today’s world of rapidly evolving techniques for training athletes, one of the must haves for colleges across the country is a […]